Long Barrel Edgun Leshiy 350mm

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Greatest leap forwards for Leshiy owers! Swap calibres in seconds.... Adjust power if needed by turning the power adjuster, and fine tune your reg... Or buy the Humareg for easier adjustment. .177, .20, .22, .25, .30 and .357..... All in stock. Length 350mm (std length is 250mm)


 For all barrels: Mounting from chamber forwards can be tight. Mounting from frontside in works much better! Sharp chamfered side is Exit/Crown, Wider reamed side is chamber to accept the pellets easier. .30 and 9mm/357 give enormous power boosts!! .30: 80 joules and 9mm/357 100 joules





Met deze insteek loop kun je je Leshiy opkrikken naar wat meer power of wat minder lucht consumptie. Neem je de kit er niet bij, dan werkt het prima, maar: schiet je dus ongedempt. Met de kit erbij heb je wel demping. Dat is wel zo prettig uiteraard!


De standaard loop is 25cm, deze langere is 35 cm lang.

Lange Loop Edgun Leshiy .177
€ 160,00 


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