Nieuwe Zending Air Arms Binnen

Good news for air gun lovers: The shipment of Air Arms has arrived. Not easy since Brexit.... But: Wow... The quality of Air Arms is so high. There is absolutely no competitor that even comes close. Good materials, nicely machined, super polished before bleuing/annodising. That is the result of 35 years building air guns! No other company can achieve those results. The new Tactical is an example of their abilities. Flawless, great looking and perfect! Buy one, no matter the model. If you do you understand how come Air Arms has so many loyal fans!



Goed nieuws voor de Air Arms Aficionados (en iedereen die dat nog niet is)... Want: De lang verwachte zending is eindelijk binnen gekomen. En door de douane vrij gegeven. Helaas geen sinecure meer na Brexit. Want: Waar...

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