Success is a choice. Sounds crazy? No.... Our latest successes: Last 100 meter contest in Helmond.... : Winner, A RAW .30 and number 2.... A Taipan Veteran STD. .22. (unthetered class). A few weeks before this match the RAW .25 won the Benchrest Unlimited Class. Next success: The RTI Priest won the 50 Yards Extreme Benchrest in Arizona. Number 2 a RAW!! So good.

 What is point of us mentioning this? Well: We import and support these great brands RAW, RTI and Taipan. Now: We did not wait for the successes to come .... and then invest in a cooperation. No, that's the easy way. We recognise revolutionary designs and top quality air guns. We recognised this right from the start and invested in these great brands BEFORE their successes followed. That is the reason we exist. We know...

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