Yess!!!  They are back in stock people. Those awsome K1 version 4 or is it 5 now?!  Anyway: Brand new stock, shipped from the factory 3 weeks ago. So: For all the lovers and the haters: We have got them. Matt also made a Youtube about them. That was version 1 or 2. And: We believe he likes them too. But: He has some remarks on it... Which is realistic. Are you sensitive for his remarks: then please: Don't buy it. in our opinion you should never fear the Huben. But: We do advise to respect it! And: You bet we have those solids and silencer adapters in stock too!!



Potvolkoffie! Ze zijn er weer mensen.... Die potente Hubens... Versie IV of wellicht is het nu al weer versie V... We raken de tel een beetje kwijt. Het is in ieder geval de aller aller nieuwste versie ...

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