We can offer a custom made rock solid match grade barrel for the PP700 S-A. The PP700SA is a great pistol, but.... the barrel is thin straw. So: We chopped up a match grade barrel, profiled it so it fits like a glove in the barrel shroud/block. And we changed the system of tightening all to a sturdy barrel locking system. Our tuner made rings of peek and with the 1/2 UNF threading you can lock things up by screwing the silencer on it. No scratching and marring because of the peek ring/shimm. The surfaces of silencer and barrel block don't toch each other! The new length is 30,5 cm. A big step in personalising/customising your pistol for better accuracy.



Is het dan nooit goed wat fabrikanten maken? Kunnen die dan echt helemaal niks goed doen? Euhm, nou... ...

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