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Test Edgun Leshiy2 EAR Behemoth Reflex 4.5mm

One of the things that makes working in the air rifle business fun is that sometimes you briefly test sets you sell yourself on the range. That's the fun part if you like tuning and shooting. A customer wanted to buy this nice setup ( but with a digital nightscope from Pard with laser rangefinder) with a change kit to .30. So put together a spicy one that handles 4.5 slugs and handles .30 well. Beforehand about the chronograph: Whoopie 305 m/s with JSB 4.51 Knockouts.... That promises to be fun. And then to the range with a whole slew of tickets and slugs. JSB KO 4.51, 4.51 mk2, 4.52 heavy, JSB 4.5 monster and JSB 4.5 beast. And just a quick bit of shooting with all types. Is that complicated science with chronographs ballistic calculators and scales? No, of course not. This is just...

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