We had a great little holiday the last weeks but: We are ready to reboot now! We gained some weight because of the Covid19 period and on top of that we gained more weight in our holiday. We are ready to run jump and sweat to get the new orders at your door step. Besides: Holidays are a strong attack on our financial situation. Good that we received a new shipment of Edgun goodies! BAT, Leshiy, Lelya, Matador, the newest EDMU, the newest synthetic stocks... All present! Even some Dedal Stalkers. And I'm sure you know what is coming to us.... The Leshiy2 is going to land next month.  Unfortunately all pre sold. But: Step in and do that pre order for the next delivery. And hurry since: Edgunistas all over the world are going crazy for 'code word' L2... It's exciting!



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