Loop Leshiy 250mm barrel

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Standard barrel Leshiy, 25 cm long. Easy exchange.  Rember: Chamber side is gradually chamfered to accept the pellet to be chambered deep, muzzle has a sharper angled chamfer (crown) for shortest possible contact during exit out of the barrel.  Crown 11 degrees. Mounting the barrel from the chamberside can be very tight. From the outside in works much smoother! Available: .177,  .20, .22 and .25. Plus polygone .25!


Loop Leshiy 250mm. Dit is de standaard lengte van de loop. Los de 2 boutjes vooraan en u kunt zo de lopen verwisselen.... Let op dat U de kroon kant aan de goede kant plaatst. Mail eerst voordat U de bestelling plaatst!!

Loop Leshiy 250mm .22
5,5mm / .22
€  102,50


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