Napier Universal Cleaning Mat

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Geniale en grote dikke mat voor het onderhoud van uw buks/karabijn etc. The underside of the mat is made from neoprene and therefore offers some padding if you have the mat on a hard surface as well as being non slip.  The upper surface is a lint free felt type material in a pale grey finish which should make any small tools or bits of equipment easy to spot.  The whole thing is resistant to oils and the like, so any minor spills shouldn’t find their way onto the surface underneath the mat. 

Size wise the mat measures 127 x 51cm which should be adequate for most rifles or shotguns.  At one end of the mat is a ridged rubber area which is meant to stop any tools, such as cleaning rods that you might be using from rolling off the mat.  Cut out from the rubber area are some circles, designed so that you can stand cans and bottles of oil conveniently and safely.  

So this is looking good for those of you that like to have everything in its place.  In fact the mat is designed in such a way that it can be rolled up with your favourite cleaning items inside so when you need to do any maintenance or cleaning, once you unroll the mat you have what you need ready and waiting.  A small carry handle is also incorporated for use once the mat is rolled up.


Napier Universal Cleaning Mat
€  31,40


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