Op de Edgun stand

Nearly live report from the Edgun booth at the IWA Gun Fair in Germany. Was good to see Ed again! We have a strong cooperation since 2009 and: That will remain strong! He is one of those people that can truelly innovate. And: What he sees in his dreams.... He realises.... More innovations are planned for 2017 and 2018. Just to give you an idea.... A spinn off of the Leshiy will be a single shot bigbore airgun where the air flow comes directly behind the pellet. So: No curves in flow, just maximum performance. How it will look? I don't know, but: it's inside Ed's head... And we all know where that can lead to!




 FF bij Eduard! Yours truly staat er op een minuut of 10 op. En Ted Holdover was er uiteraard ook weer bij!. Man, Ed heeft niets dan vernieuwende plannen. Dat wordt echt genieten voor de liefhebber de komende jaren. Bedankt Ed! 




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