NEW Sightron Scopes Arrived!


I saw a nice saying on the Sightron facebookpage.
"refuse to be average". Which is certainly true when you look at their scopes!

The number of new and average and mediocre optic brands has been rising over the last couple of years. They might look good on the outside but if you look through them for a little while, your eyes will start to hurt and you'll get a stinging headache.
Creating and improving quality lenses and scopes takes many years. After a year or ten you can say you conquered your spot in the scopeworld.


They started in 1993 in North Carolina (USA). The founders worked at Leupold before they started their own business, so they know how to make good quality scopes and had their ideas to make the it even better. Thats what they still do.

Sightron are so sure of themselves that they even give a lifetime warranty! On the IWA we saw the new S6 scopes, which were absolutely perfect and good looking.
It was unfortunate that we had to wait to get them ourselves.
But last week they already arrived! Well most of them, the S6 is still on the way. We are sure it will arrive shortly, we'll keep you guys updated.


The new scopes that we have in stock right now are these:





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