Huben GK1 Handling

 The GK1 is a wonderful air pistol. Lots of video's on youtube. But: careful, it is easy to copy wrong behaviour.

Number one rule: read the manual!


Don't make the classic mistake of immediately going for max power. If you encounter a problem and have a 'blow out' you know one thing: You are making a mistake in power setting or ammunition choice. Check and correct please!



Other remarks:


The GK1 does not have an internal pneumatic regulator but the velocity kan be adjusted by a powerscrew. You can even achieve a sort of flat bell curve. You need a good chronometer to adjust it to be as efficient as possible.



If you use pellets we advise to set the powerscrew 1,25 turn anticlockwise. Push the pellets into the magazine with your thumb untill the back of the skirt is flush with the magazine. Don't push it in with a pencil or any other tool. This would only cause the skirt to be sized thus makes it slide inside the chamber.


With the use of slugs you need to concentrate on the tightness. You need an oversized slug. If it falls in just like that it's not good. Too loose and the slugs slide up- and down in the magazine causing trouble. They should fit in with a bit of friction. They must be seated with your thumb until the backside it flush. Rotate the powerscrew up a quarter turn each time untill you have reached the correct velocity.


Never shoot under 120 bar!


The GK1 can be filled up to 350 bar. But: Most people only have 300 bar in a full bottle. You can add pressure with the Huben pump but: That is hard labour. Give the pumpbody enough time to cool down.

It's no problem if you just fill to 250 or 300 bar. True, you will have lower toppower and the shotcount will be lower. But: Remember to stay above 120 bar. If you are shooting it is easy to forget...


There is a big chance that you will get a blowout if you shoot too long and reach sub 120 bar pressure.


If this happens read the manual how to reset it. And during refilling with pressure: Make sure you point the barrel in a safe position!


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