Nog maar eens over de Pelletgage

Tom Gaylord:
Pellet head size

"I've known for decades that pellets came in different head sizes, because 10-meter ammunition is sold that way. I always assumed the number on the tin was the exact head size, and I had no desire to measure pellets because of the difficulty. Then Jerry Cupples came up with the Pelletgage idea and the rest is history. I will be honest about this. At first I thought Jerry was being too anal with his idea that pellet head size is critical. I say that because when a pellet passes through a barrel, the barrel resizes the head and skirt automatically. But the first test I did in Part 2 of the report showed me just how important head size is. If you follow that link and look at the targets, you'll see what I mean.

Since testing the Pelletgage many times (now in all 4 smallbore calibers), I no longer have the shadow of a doubt that pellet head size is significant, as far as accuracy in concerned. If you want to be as accurate as possible, you need to shoot pellets with the proper head size — and you can't rely on the pellet tins to tell you which ones they are."


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4,5mm / .177
5,5mm / .22
6,35mm / .25
7,62 mm / .30
9 mm / .35
5,05mm / .20
€  53,70


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