Schietbaan met de RTI Prophet Compact .30

Shooting range with the RTI Prophet Compact .30

Dad and son went shooting this morning, Dad with the Huben K1 .22, but that's over soon if you bring the wrong fill plug.

So then i joined Bram, who brought the RTI Arms Prophet Compact .30, shoots great! Nice groups at 50 and 75 meters with JSB .30 Light (44.75gr).

Next week i just have to bring the good fill plug to shoot at 100 meters with the Huben K1. We'll keep you posted!


RTI Prophet Compact Performance Carbon Bottle/Ext. Buttpad/Verst. Regulator/Koffer
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0.22" / 5,5 mm
0.25" / 6,35 mm
0.30" / 7,62 mm
€  1.399,00
RTI Arms
JSB Exact .30 / 7,62mm LIGHT
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7,62 mm / .30"
€  11,15


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