iwa 2023

IWA 2023

It was great fun again to be in Germany. Meeting old friends and business partners after a long time.

Gun business is traditionally run by family businesses. So: We all went there. Lots of news! Here's a picture of me and my son at the RTI Arms booth. I need to be 'on top' of things because of my bad hearing and sights.


That's one of the downsides of years of shooting. In the next life I will protect my ears and eyes better :-)...  But: Hey... I was born in 1960... Kids of my age  all had airguns and nobody bothered about safety and protection. We just had fun shooting. We have ordered a lot of new goodies and we will inform you when they arrive in our warehouse. Otherwise you would just forget, that's my experience. We have got exciting news from RTI Arms, Sightron (!), JSB, Taipan, and Valiant. We will update you asap...




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