Huben K1 JSB KO216MK2 Reg140BAR

Range Report Huben K1 and Raw HM1000X

Another cool word! I repaired an older Huben K1 and found a nice older RAW HM1000X in my warehouse. The Huben is about 3 years old and had a leak. The RAW is one of the first ones with the 12 mm dovetail instead of the picatinny rail and has the one sided scalloping in the block for single shot loading. Very nicely finished before annodising. Let's say it was one of Martin's shiny masterpieces.


I filled up the RAW at home but: On the range I had to top it up again... Strange but: Okay. Shot one: PSSSSHHHH Leaking! Something is wrong with the main valve. Now: I know RAW's inside out because I worked with Martin from the days he was at Theoben and started up RAW. So: I'll fix that leak, no problem.


Up to the Huben K1. I had filled it up to 280 bar at home but: Forgot to bring the filling adapter to the shooting range. Stupid me! So: I had to be smart to draw the correct conclusions based on a smaller amount of shots. Started with JSB Knockout .218 at 180 bar reg pressure. Of course with a good scope of Leupold. Hmm immediately on the traget card at 50 meters. Switched to JSB Knockout .216 MK2. Wow: improved grouping! Because of the gauge nearby the magazine I noticed the reg pressure was slowly dropping so: Back to 5 slugs per session. The surprise: at 140 Bar it was performing great! See picture. I returned home and since it was a sunny moment I replaced the O-ring of the valvehouse in the garden. Life is good!!!




Huben K1 Synthetic Stock Semi-Auto
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0.25" / 6,35 mm
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