Charlie DaTuna Cooperation

Maybe you did not know: We have been working with Charlie Da Tuna for many years now. We have a very close relationship! We are the only company in the world that is allowed to market and distribute CDT out of the USA. Of course we are very proud to be able to cherish Robert Werner's (Charlie Da Tuna is not his real name :-). 'legacy' . Robert invented great trigger sets and great improvements for springers and CO2 air guns. A good trigger improves accuracy immediately. Originally only for Gamo air guns, but: also available for many clones and copies plus Crosman and Remmington air guns. Buy one to believe it!


CharlieDaTuna trekker GRT 4G
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€  47,60
Charlie DaTuna
CharlieDaTuna trekker GRT-III
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€  44,35
Charlie DaTuna


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