Good PCP Air compressors 300 Bar

Good compressors that can fill bottles up to 300 bar? Well, there are but: Only a few. The 1 and 2 cylinder cheap compressors that are wildly popular really can't fill bottles without unpleasant consequences. How do I know that? Because I've done it myself :-)....

With large drums of cooling water, an aquarium pump, etc. By the way, we still have quite a few spare parts from those. The problems vary a bit due to all kinds of causes: A too high RPM puts a load on the internal mechanics and: the air that is supplied has no intermediate cooling and goes warm to hot through the "moisture separator" ..... Consequence: Humid air enters your rifle/bottle and that is not conducive to the sensitive internals of rifles/bottles.

So: Handle those compressors well and don't let them run too long.

What are good brands of compressors for this purpose? Bauer and Coltri of course... Problem: hefty investment and that's a fat problem for most people in these hobby crisis times. Understandable because: The 7 fat years are a while behind us. It's hard work and everything shows it.

Yet we still have some very good air-cooled compressors in stock that are not afraid of pushing a bottle full of air. In fact, they really are made for that. No, they don't come with a clutch so you can fill your rifle, either. That's really a feature you never find on a "real compressor. No, there is a solid 'filling pistol' attached that you can only screw into a 300 bar bottle neck. Cooling, like Bauer and Coltri, is done with vanes aimed at the cooling fins. And between the various stages, there is intermediate cooling between them that already makes the air passed through cooler before it goes through a really large-sized moisture separator and finally through a Bauer filter (clone). In these holders, by the way, you can also put the original Bauer cartridges. So: eventually dry and clean air goes into your filling bottle. Well, we once had a Bauer JuniorII but: It has been replaced by the Carette V33 and we don't regret it.... Also saves quite a few decibels and a lot of money....


Carette Air Cooled V33 Compressor 300 bar
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Carette Kaleite Compressor 300 bar


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