Huben GK1 Close Up

2024 Take Off

Of course we wish everyone the best! Not only around this time of year though :-)....

And we want to report something nice right away. We have become importer of Huben Airguns from Hong Kong. 'So what' we hear you think.... Well... BIG SURPRISE!

Sometimes in your life you have a product that completely blows your mind. For me personally: The first time I pulled an Edgun Matador out of a package (wrapped in cloth with wax seal on it full of Russian text). I started shooting with it and immediately thought.... How can they make this in Russia! The birthplace of PCPs was England, wasn't it? That was 15 years ago... And I knew immediately that Eduard had popped a huge hole in the market. Genius!

And now... I have that same feeling with the Huben GK1 pistol. How is it possible? A semi automatic pistol that you can adjust with an allen key that lets you tune it down for pellets and make it shoot brutally hard with slugs. The looks, pointability and accuracy are unheard of. As many as 100 joules out of such a short pistol barrel? Really: Never experienced in my ahum career in air rifle shooting (24 years people :-)).... And yes... You can also call me an airgunner :-).


And of course, I've shot quite a few with it at my beloved shooting club. Buttttt: I have kept my mouth shut about it further because: I know from experience... Shockingly innovative toys create enormous lust/desire to order. And then month, after month, after month, after month: waiting for your turn. Yuck, not fun.

But the good news: order, make the deposit and.... You're just going to have it in your possession within 2 months. Believe me: you MUST have it. Only then will you be able to sleep undisturbed again and not have to follow all those Youtubes and threads on forums every day.... Yes, I know it... I'm "one of those" too....



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