RTI P3 6,35mm

Yes, it was time for a test! The first shipment of P3's landed in our warehouse and: The first ones have been delivered to customers. Now: Wait a second! We want to have some fun too! So: Before all is sold we took one to the range in .25. What can I say... For a first shooting session it performed very well. JSB Knockout 6,35 MK2 performed best. Unfortunately ZAN 253 could not be chambered, so: We will try .250 next time. Our opinion: Good choice and immediately good results. Reg pressure set to 150 bar. (Distance: 100 meters)




RTI Arms P-3
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0.22" / 5,5 mm
0.25" / 6,35 mm
€  1.486,80
RTI Arms


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